Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lesson on weight loss pills

Way back in college, I have this friend of mine who decided to lose weight. I invited him for a challenge. He told me that he is willing to do that challenge with me. I was a little bit overweight during that time. He was kinda obese during those moments. I don't know anything about weight loss before that is why I decided to do things on my own. I was not even searching for information on the internet during that time. I was eating lightly, I was skipping breakfast, and I don't even drink too much water having the thought that it will make me fatter. I even thought that situps will make my beer tummy smaller. He did the same thing too but the problem is he was taking some weight loss pills that is why there is a chance that he will lose more weight. He even bought some weight loss machines advertised on tv.

4 weeks after, I noticed that I didn't lose that much weight. My friend who was obese lost a lot. He lost his face fat, arm size, chest size but his tummy is still big. He took the weight loss pill as prescribed. I was craving for pizza at that moment and he insisted. I asked him what he did and he told me that the weight loss pill made him lose weight a lot. Although his attitude has changed. He became too moody, he became scared of food, and it even made him look like someone who is afraid of the night life. I guess his metabolism was destroyed.

Another 4 weeks have past and I noticed that he is starting to gain weight. I asked him what happened to the weight loss pills he was taking then he told me that he stopped taking it because of the bad side effects it gave him.

Years have passed and I heard from some friend of mine that he saw my college buddy in the mall. My college friend was so obese according to a friend of mine. I was planning to see him this week and probably give him some tips. Thanks to the internet for helping me lose and keep my weight up to this day. Although a lot of information online has confused me, I just stick the ones that work for me. I even wrote a blog about it on this site.

The lesson here is that when you are in a hurry to lose weight, you will probably suffer in the end. Weight loss should be done the right way. Right diet and proper exercise are the ones that will really make you lose weight. There maybe a lot of diet forms out there. You can only rely on them as long as you're aiming for something. Lets say you are into modeling or some reunion stuff, then you can go follow those diet plan. Nothing is as exciting as a permanent weight loss plan. Its like being able to spoil yourself with the foods you love once in a while.

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