Sunday, November 8, 2009

Automatic Diet

A lot of people asked me how I lost weight. I gave them the typical weight loss advice. The hardest advice they can't take is go on a diet. Dieting is really hard especially if you become tempted by comfort foods most of the time. Even I myself had a hard time dealing with it. Anyway, I know of a program called "automatic diet". I just noticed this program myself. Its automatic because it just happens. The first thing you need to do before it happens is to exercise more. Stick to your standard eating habits first. If you have a hard time giving up that mouth watery juicy burger, that is fine as long as you exercise. Discipline yourself with some exercise. I do schedule my exercise in the afternoon. I do 30 - 45 minutes cardio but I don't do cardio immediately after eating. Weeks after doing it, I noticed that my eating habits started to change. I began eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. I did neglect them before. I even noticed that my point of view with junk foods changed. That is how the automatic diet works. The good thing about it is that this automatic diet is really fun. You won't feel the grudge of dieting when you do this kind of program. Its just automatic!

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