Friday, October 23, 2009

Weight loss books. Do we need it?

If you're totally serious in losing some weight, you probably need to invest on a weight loss book. There are many kinds of weight loss books depending on how you want to lose weight. Most people want to lose weight. First thing they do is ask someone, whether an expert or not, on how to lose weight. Some read blogs and some do what their mind is telling them. In case they ask an expert on how to lose weight and the expert suggested them a thing that they can't do, they easily give up. When they rely too much on blogs, a different opinion from another will totally change their mind. Whenever they rely on their personal thought about weight loss, they lose motivation once the mood is gone. Books are more of a daily guide. It helps you become motivated.

Weight loss requires knowledge. Its not as easy as you think. There are many ways to lose weight and all people have different perspective when it comes to it. When I decided to lose weight, I decided not to give up junk foods. I went online and read a lot of blogs that made me confused. After days of research, I bought a book titled "Burn the fat, Feed the muscle" by Tom Venuto. He does have some tips there on how one can lose weight without giving up the food he/she loves. Well that is my point of view in losing weight. I know others have a different point of view on how they can lose weight.

Weight loss books are really a great source for weight loss. Just remember to stick to one weight loss book that you love. It takes a week of research to find out what it is. Do you want to lose weight the normal way? Do you want to lose weight without giving up junk foods just like I do? Do you want to lose weight without giving up beer? Do you just want to lose your tummy fat? Its up to you to find out what book is for you.

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