Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maintaining weight even on holidays

The holidays are over. I wasn't able to blog last month because of my busy holiday schedule. Thank goodness I only gained atleast a pound or two. Its really hard to get rid of food once its in front of you. I never even attended a gym session for the past 3 weeks. It made me feel the gym pain again when I worked out 2 days ago. The reason why I only gained a few pounds is because of my strong metabolism. This month Im gonna work out on it again by eating 6 low calorie meals a day and hitting the gym again. I just love the idea of maintaining my weight no matter how much I eat. Maybe its because I also do walk a lot. Although its time to get serious again because summer is just a few months away. Most people I know do have a resolution of weight loss. My new years resolution is to lose the little tummy fat which I guess takes 2 months of discipline. Happy New Year to all my blog readers! Good luck on your weight loss journey.