Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Exercise from home

I remember last year when I decided to lose weight, I bought myself a new elliptical trainer. Its expensive for me and I only used it for about a month and a half. Is it worth it? Most of my program were exercise from home. Well it made me lose a little weight like 5 or 10 lbs with diet included. Most of it are weight coming from fat because the elliptical trainer maintains muscle weight because you are carrying your own weight to burn some calories. In my conclusion, I believe that buying exercise machines at home is effective as long as its in your own room. If you display your exercise machine in your living room, the people in your house will see you exercise and they'll probably tempt you not to exercise (base on my experience). The most productive exercise equipment that I had was those 2 10 lb dumbbells that I bought. It may not made me gain some weight but it did help me lose some during my first few weeks especially on that time I went on a weight loss plateau.

Outdoor is still the best exercise to lose weight compared to exercise from home. I went to my neighborhood and Im lucky enough that there is a jogging track in it. Good thing about it is that Im not the only one jogging in it thats why its motivating for me. To other people who wanted to lose weight without a jogging track near you, my advice is for you to attend some sport activities, go to the gym, or jog in the morning to gain more focus and lose more fat. Relying on weight loss machines only helps a little. There are so many ads about it on tv that tempts us to buy no matter how expensive it is as long as we will lose weight on it. Somehow, I feel kinda sorry for my elliptical trainer machine. I tried to sell it but its been rusted by rain already. I still see it everyday and I use it as a remembrance of me when I was motivating myself to lose weight.

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