Saturday, August 29, 2009

Best way to loose weight

Why most people don't lose weight?

The first reason to that is that they don't have time for it. They spend 9 to 10 hours a day at work then go home to relax and unwind themselves. Weight loss is more of a decision making. Its a long term goal. Its not just something you do because you're in the mood to do so. You are your own boss when you're on this program. You make your own schedule and ask some pro if you have additional questions.

Second reason is that they think there is a shortcut to it. They see this infomercials on television that promises weight loss in a week or two. I believe some of these infomercials work but not the way you expect it to be. I tried a slimming tea before. It helped me lose weight but it does ruin my mood most of the time. I regained the whole weight back immediately. I don't know with other weight products but I think most of them have side effects even though the endorser tells you it doesn't.

Third reason is that they are already happy with themselves. They think that skipping their favorite meals will make them miserable. They even think that they are already satisfied being fat as long as they are happy. Well it does happen, but if you are really concerned about your health then think of it as part of the program. You never know one of these days, those favorite food of yours will give up on you. Do you want your doctor to tell you that you should stop eating ice cream, pizza, and mouth juicy burgers? When you're on a weight loss program, there is still word called "sacrifice". You don't need to worry about it because there is also this word called "cheat day" where you can schedule a time of eating what you want. It does happen once a week. Even I myself can't get rid of comfort foods. Please be informed that once you succeeded on your diet (which will take just a few months with one cheat day a week), you can go back on eating what you want because your metabolism is way much stronger compared on the day you started. Some even think that weight loss is for people who are too concerned about their looks.
At first I thought it was but then it wasn't. If you only think you are overweight then go on a weight loss program. If not, then just go on weight maintenance mode unless you plan to shape up for some occasion.

And lastly, they think its expensive. There are ads out there that tell us that you can get thin right away if you have a lot of money. I agree and totally disagree to that. You can get thin with liposuction but it won't really work on your metabolism. Losing weight the natural way is still the best way to loose weight. It will boost your metabolism which will further allow you to eat more. Did you notice how models endorse food products like pizza? They just take a small bite and recommend it to people! These models do have some money to burn.


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