Monday, October 5, 2009


Whenever I think of the word "discipline", one thing comes to my mind. Boredom! Although its a must if you really want to lose weight or become fit. Starting to become fit can be a little bit boring at first. Maybe its because most people are comfortable with who they are already until a great warning strikes them. Before, I don't really care about losing weight. All I ever do in my life is eat whatever I want, drink beer, and binge on sweets. My brother even tells me why I should go on a diet if eating is fun.

Weight loss is more of a goal. Its not just a simple goal but a long term goal. In order to achieve a long term goal, you have to have a long term discipline. How do you get discipline on weight loss? Its up to you. If you think you're doing the right thing, do it. During my weight loss days, I remember that I use to jog 6 days a week. I wonder why some suggest if I should exercise with a friend. What if my friend doesn't want to? Shall I force him/her? I don't care what the people around me tell me. I just do it according to my willpower. If I tell myself that Im gonna spoil my diet once a week, I follow it. Now that I succeeded in improving my metabolism, I spoil my diet 3 days a week because I don't worry about gaining weight anymore. If I tell myself to stop eating when Im full, I do it. Another good example of discipline is when I go to the gym. If I tell myself that Im going to focus my workout on my chest and triceps, I just focus on it. If I say 4 sets and 12 repetitions each, I go for it. I don't play with my other muscle parts.

So that is how discipline works. It can boring at first. You'll just be surprised that you'll become use to it in the days to come. Its like its gonna be part of your lifestyle. Right now, I still exercise even though I don't have to. Why? Maybe its because it automatically became a part of my weekly routine and I just love doing it.

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