Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Starvation mode

I went to weight loss forum site yesterday and saw a question about someone who wants to lose 10 lbs before Halloween. The person who asked this question is willing to go to starvation mode. She does not want to listen to any other advice about diet and working out. She just wanted to try and see if it will work. Most people including me who answered her question said that it is too dangerous. I know people who tried them and all of them fail. I wonder why most people define diet that way.

Starvation mode doesn't really work at all. It might be obvious that you'll lose weight on it but most of the weight that you'll lose there is water weight. The bad thing is that you'll regain it all back. Not too good for a hard work huh? It will make you look weak and it will even ruin your confidence level because you'll look different. It will also ruin your mood and people will start to hate you. What I suggested to that person is to go on a detox diet for atleast 2 weeks. Its a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables. These foods are totally low (most have negative calories which will promote more weight loss) in calories and can help you lose more weight the healthier way instead of you looking sick. Remember to eat when you are hungry but in case you wanted to lose weight, eat the healthy ones instead of the unhealthy ones. Isn't it obvious?

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