Sunday, October 11, 2009

Less sodium to flatten tummy

This afternoon, an idea came in my mind about how to lose tummy fat. Its actually the hardest part to lose because it is where the food comes first when we eat. Sit ups will only help if your total body fat percentage is less than 10%. Most people in the gym don't do cardio because of the fear in losing muscles. I thought about it as well. I just do cardio once or twice a week. Before I do it everyday. I've been thinking how to lose tummy fat without losing those hard earned muscles I've been working out for months now. The first great idea that came in my mind is to eat well meaning more veggies, fruits, and water. Another tip is not to make yourself go hungry. Whenever you feel hungry, eat something healthy in the right amount. I use to follow the 6 meal day diet plan. In that plan I include my favorite potato chips. I thought it was alright to include it since its less than 400 calories. I finally know that its wrong. Although it didn't make me gain some weight, it didn't trim my little tummy as well. Maybe its because of the sodium. I learned that too much sodium retains the water in your body. Its too much because, I made it a habit in between meals. Im going for a clean diet plan now. I will substitute those potato chips snacks with some fruits and veggies.

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