Sunday, October 18, 2009

Law of attraction and Weight loss

Law of attraction is one big requirement when it comes to weight loss. The more you picture yourself that you lost weight, the more you will succeed. Most of us who go on a weight loss journey easily give up especially if we don't see results in a week or two. For me, its normal not to see results in that short amount of time. Going on a weight loss journey should be more of an exciting adventure instead of a struggle. If you think of it as a struggle, there is an assurance that you'll give it up right away. I remember reading Tom Venuto's book called "Burn the fat, Feed the muscle". Its actually placed near my desk so whenever I see it (just the title itself), it does remind me of me burning the fat in me and trying to gain some muscle all through out my imagination. On the first part of the book, Tom suggests that before you decide to lose weight, you have to be happy. I know happiness is a big part of law of attraction. Its more of accepting the fact (contentment) that you are fat or overweight. Because of that you'll be able to motivate yourself more on losing weight. The more you don't accept yourself for who you are, the more you compare yourself with others, and crave for comfort foods like junk foods.

I also think of the food we eat as positive and negative. Positive foods like fruits, vegetables, and highly nutritious lean meat give a good outcome on our bodies. Negative foods (I don't mean the negative calorie ones like fruits...) like junk foods makes us fat and sick but it doesn't mean that we have to give them up. We just need to eat them moderately. During my journey, I eat them once a week. The more positive foods we consume, the more fit we'll get and speed up weight loss as well. Same thing with life, the more positive you are, the more good things happen to you.

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