Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting used to weight loss routine

When I started to lose some weight, I told myself that I will not give up eating the foods that I love. I'm a big fan of junk food because the people around especially my friends love to eat them. I'm a beer drinker as well. I also remember myself as some lazy person who doesn't walk, move, and exercise that much. I told myself that I wanted to lose weight so therefore I need to take action. I made a list of foods that I will mostly eat. I also made a schedule of exercise. Lastly, I did make a schedule for a diet cheat day. I usually do the cheat day during Saturdays because special occasions happen on that day. I also suggested to myself to move more instead of being lazy. Then I tell I told myself that when this is over, I'll go back to my happy go lucky lifestyle.

A few months later, I noticed that Im getting used to the program. Exercise has been part of my weekly routine. My diet became automatic. Even though I hang out with my friends to eat, I pick the healthy choice in the menu most of the time. I also started to realize that eventhough I don't need to lose weight anymore, Im still living the healthy lifestyle. My addiction to junk food is gone but when there are days that I crave for it, I give it a go. I also noticed that I tend to move more these days. If one location is about 5 kilometers or less away from me, I just walk instead of using my car. I really don't do these things around 8 months ago but now it has been part of my lifestyle and Im totally loving it!

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