Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cheat day

I remember during my weight loss days, I usually schedule a cheat day on it. Eating healthy foods everyday becomes boring so its important to go junk once in a while. Cheat day is very important when it comes to weight loss. We are not perfect when it comes to this goal. Most fitness experts suggest that one should have a cheat day. At least once a week. I do schedule it on Saturday or Sunday. Without it, I just start to crave.

I do admit that I'm totally addicted to burgers. Whenever I walk inside a mall, I find it hard to resist the smell of a delicious burger. A burger meal(with fries and soda) is around 1000 calories or more. Its pretty hard to get rid of it when you're with your friends. When you're on a cheat day, I do suggest that you move more on that day to burn extra calories. You don't have to run or do something extraordinary. A long walk is fine.

I do invite my cousin to eat at Chilis restaurant every Saturday. After a heavy meal, we usually go for a 2 mile walk. Another great tip that I can offer on a cheat day is to save some calories. Substitute your drinks with a diet one instead of the sugary one. It will be great if you go for water. Diet drinks are zero calories too but you don't have to drink them often. If there is a wheat bread option for your burger, go for it! Its healthier compared to white bread.


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