Thursday, August 6, 2009

Eating more to lose weight

I remember watching the documentary film "Super size me". There was this scene here about a guy who lost weight eating a Subway sandwich on every meal. The guy even have some picture as evidence that he lost weight doing it. There is also one scene here where a guy, who had a record of most Big Macs eaten, is not even fat at all. Most of my friends think that when they are on a diet, they should eat less or not at all. I remember my dad went on fasting the whole day when he ate a huge burger meal the day before. I even recall my mom telling my big cousin that he should eat more because he is big. She even reminded him that when he goes on a diet, he'll get weak and die. Those are the diets that I've learned in the past. A diet that is interpreted the wrong way.

Eating can make you lose weight as long as you eat right. If most of your calories are based on fats like the ones found on burgers, then don't expect that you'll lose weight even if you eat it in small portions. You can lose weight if you combine the small portions with exercise but you won't get a nice figure after. If most of the calories you consume are made up of vitamins, high in fiber and protein, and low in fat, you'll probably lose some weight. If you add exercise to it, you'll lose more and have a proportional figure. Whenever you feel hungry, substitute junk foods with fruits. You can eat as much as you want to without worrying about how many calories it has because most fruits have negative calories which means that this calories need calories to burn.
If in case you think that this diet expensive, I bet it is not and it is way too cheaper than junk foods. Im the type of person who is addicted to rice. I just substitute it with brown rice so that I can have complex carbohydrates and a good digestion. If Im in the mall and brown rice is not available, I just order something made of wheat bread which is high in fiber.

Its really hard to get rid of delicious foods especially if you're someone like me who grew up surrounded by it. There are a lot of healthy foods out there that are addicting too. Salad, grapes, oranges, oats, almonds, and veggies can be addicting. Its just that most unhealthy ones are the ones being advertised as cheap while the healthy ones are not.

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