Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Losing weight when you're alcoholic

Most experts say that alcoholic people don't lose weight. Its because alcohol blocks fat. Its scientifically true but what if alcohol is part of your lifestyle? Im the type of person who drinks every weekend but I did lost some weight. Eventhough I drink that much, I try to make sure that I exercise a lot once the hangover and headache is gone. I don't exercise the day after the drinking session. I exercise on the second day. In case I drink, I usually go for the hard ones because they are low in calories and doesn't have carbohydrates in it like beer. Drinks like rhum, brandy, vodka, and tequila. I just drink water as my chaser and a side dish of lemon instead of fatty ones. There maybe times that I can't resist beer with my friends so what I do after that is punish myself with a 45 minute cardio after 1 day. Its also hard to resist the food once you get drunk. If one is really serious in losing weight, drinking should be done moderately which means that you don't need to get drunk every night or every other night. Drinking is part of most people's lives thats why its hard to get rid of it unless your parents train you to live a healthy life since birth. Drinking alcohol doesn't actually prevents you to lose weight. It only prolongs your weight loss.

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