Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weight loss the hard way vs easy way

There are so many tips out there to lose weight. I just divide it in to two which is the hard way and the easy way. Whats the difference between the two anyway? Lets start with the easy way. There are some channels on TV that promote weight loss products like equipments, herbal teas, pills, and other programs that will help you lose weight. Some of them work, some of of them don't. Some even promise that you will lose 25 lbs in two weeks if you strictly follow their program. In my opinion, it can be true. I do remember 2 years ago, I tried drinking this herbal tea that made me lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks. The disadvantage that I got here is that it led me to some mood swings. It also gave me a feeling of a bathroom rush over and over which is kinda frustrating. I gained those 10 lbs back a few weeks after even though I was on weight maintenance mode. After that, I didn't consider trying that herbal tea again and I even stopped relying on those weight loss ads.

2 years after that incident, I noticed that I've been gaining some weight. I had this kind of lifestyle where I eat whatever I want. I even thought that vegetables can make you fat that is why I keep eating some meat and junk food. Then after that, I decided to lose some weight again. I was thinking if I'll do it the easy way again. I chose to do it the natural way which is proper diet and exercise. At first I thought diet is more of cutting portions of your meal which is kinda demotivating to listen to. People I know keep telling me those kind of stuff for many years. I then noticed that its more of a meal replacement. Thats the time I realized that I should start eating some healthy stuff like wheat and vegetables. These foods are really low in calories. Your friends won't even notice that you're on a diet even if you fill up your plate with a lot of salad. Just watch out for the mayo dressing. I combined these diet with jogging, swimming, and weight lifting. Although it didn't made me lose a lot of weight in a month. It took around 6 months for those people I know to notice some weight change I had.

After that, I went on maintenance mode meaning I will stick to my daily calorie limit which is 2400 calories a day. I eat whatever I want. If I crave for a Chillis burger, I go for it. But ofcourse, I balance my meal. If I had a big lunch, I go for a lite dinner. If I spend the whole day eating a box of pizza, I'll spend tomorrow with a salad meal all through out the day. It really depends on the situation.

We can actually lose weight the easy way but its pretty frustrating because we will gain it back right away. It doesn't really focus on working your metabolism. Even vegetables can make you regain your weight back if you chose this way. If you really can't give up junk food just like I'am, its better that you'll lose weight the harder way. The rewards are great although it requires a lot of time and patience.

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