Monday, August 10, 2009

Why people go to the gym? (motivation)

In the past, I thought people who build muscles do it because they want to look attractive. I suddenly asked why they do it. Aren't they satisfied with their bodies? They may have a body like that but does it change their eating pattern as well? I also thought that those people are conscious when it comes to eating. I gave it a try to be like them a few years ago. I went to this gym and the instructor told me that I should eat less. The instructor also told me that I should stop eating junk foods. 3 months of having that kind of thought in the gym made me give up. I felt like I was so vane. My friends and relatives even made fun of me whenever we go to a party because they think that Im so conscious with my body. I even have thoughts that a slice of pizza, which is one of my favorite food, will make me fat.

I didn't go to the gym anymore after that. I went back to my old eating and drinking habits. I even had a date that time who was a manager of a french restaurant. Food suddenly becomes a habit for me again. I ate a lot and exercised less. Every time my friends invite me on a drinking session after office hours, I didn't say no to them. I never even cared about how much sugar and transfat I consume as long as the food taste good. A few months after that, I noticed that these fatty foods and addicting alcoholic beverages gave up on me. I remember every time I eat a large burger, I feel like my heart begins to go weak and I feel dizzy. I went to a doctor and the doctor asked me if I do exercise? I said just a little. He even asked me how bad I eat? I told him "most of the time whenever food is around". The doctor informed me that I should go to a sport program to pay off my happy go lucky lifestyle. I can't think of any sport that is why I decided to go back to the gym. Am I going to do it just to become vane again? I guess not that is why I went to do some research online. Here is what I learned so far:

1. Muscles burn fat. One of the classic ways to have it is to go to the gym, eat the right foods, and rest well. I also read an article before that says weight lifting can burn sugar.

2. Looking good shouldn't be your goal if you're going to the gym. It will only result to some sort of insecurity. Your main reason to go to the gym is to live a healthy life.

3. If you want to make changes in your body, follow what your instructor says. But if you want to maintain your figure even if its a six pack, you can still eat junk foods.

4. Weight lifting won't make you become bigger right away. Gaining big arms is way too harder than getting a flat tummy.

5. Doing cardio after weight lifting will help you lose more weight and can defeat weight loss plateau.

Gym has become a part of my lifestyle after knowing these things. It did work for me and I hope it works with others as well. My point of view of why people go to the gym become different. Although there are still some who do it to look good because of their job. I still drink beer, eat a lot of pizza, and consume some sweets without gaining weight and feeling bad. The gym also thought me the importance of eating the right food too. Whenever I feel demotivated, I just follow the 3rd one above.

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