Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Will you stick on your diet?

When I decided to lose weight a few months ago, I had some thoughts going on a diet. I started to get rid of the temptations surrounding me. The people around me tempt me a lot with food and its really hard to get rid of it. I even came to the hardest point where depression takes place. Its like you're addicted to something and you have to go on rehabilitation to get rid of it. Sometimes they even offer me some alcoholic drinks every time there is party. Anyway, what I did was forget about the diet plan. Whenever I read about diet plans, I hear stuff like "do not eat this and eat that". Is it really possible? Yes it is but its also frustrating. So I started to do some cardio. It was quite fun and it really does burn some calories. A few days after, I got addicted to it. I still eat what I want its just that I do it in moderation. Lets say for example a friend invites me to go to Mcdonalds, I really find it hard to resist the quarter pounder meal upgraded to large fries and soda. I substitute soda with diet soda. Before, I used to go for an extra fries and nuggets. Moderation for me means sticking to one meal. I don't mean one meal a day. What I meant was one meal every breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner. The healthier the foods are, the more you'll lose weight. My point here is that junk foods can also help you lose weight if you eat them in moderation. It really does work though. Whenever I feel ready for cardio, I do it to burn some extra calories.


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