Thursday, August 6, 2009

Whey Protein vs Weight Gainer

3 months ago, I bought this Gold Standard Whey. Its a Protein shake used to build up muscles. I remember I was kinda confused on what will I buy whether its Weight Gainer or just a protein shake. A friend of mine told me that I should only buy weight gainer if I really look lame. Imagine someone that is super thin. The sales person informed me that I should go on weight gainer (it was done over the phone that is why he doesn't see me). In fact, the sales person told me that I shouldn't worry about gaining all the weight and tummy back when I buy a weight gainer because building arm & chest muscles is way too harder than flattening your tummy. When I succeeded on my weight loss program, my body looked a little bit not proportional that is why I decided to gain some muscles. Instead of trusting the sales person, I just went to my friend's advice instead. He tried the weight gainer and he gained a big tummy but the positive side on that is he gained some arm mass too. After 3 months of using the Whey Protein, I noticed that my arms didn't get that big at all. One thing good about the Whey Protein is that it can help you lose weight but the instructions doesn't say that you should do it. It just went in shape but not as I expect it should be. Probably next time, I'll buy Mega Mass and not worry about gaining the fat back in my tummy because cardio is way too fun and easy. I'll probably gain some arms and chest I guess if I combine it with proper work out. Once the goal has been achieved, I'll buy a protein shake again to tone them.

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