Friday, July 10, 2009

9 minute marinator for your diet

Its really hard to choose healthy foods especially when you're on a very strict diet. Its because junk foods taste so good that its hard to replace them with healthy ones. I was looking for some information on how I can enjoy eating the right foods. Good thing I turned on my TV. I was flipping the channels on my television until I found out this channel promoting the 9 minute marinator that makes a gourmet meal in just a few minutes. The ad even said that it can soften beef in 9 minutes where a spoon can even slice it as is. I was kinda skeptical at first because in my opinion, most advertising channels like that scam people. Remember those weight loss products that didn't work at all? Anyway, Im a big fan of food that is why I decided to give it a try. I called the number on the screen and ordered one. The day after, it was delivered in my home, and I got excited in trying it right away. I planned to prepare some steak on it. I followed the instructions carefully and a few minutes later, my steak is completely marinated. I grilled the marinated steak and when I decided to eat it, I noticed that its not soft at all. I was kinda disappointed at first but then decided to try it again some other time.

I tried to make my own instruction on how I can create a perfect steak still using the 9 minute marinator. What I did was I added the ingredients in the container, put the steak in it together with the meat tenderizer, closed then pumped the marinator to open the steak's pores, released the pressure again, then closed and pumped it another time in a different steak position. After that I put it in the machine where the container rotates. It auto stopped 9 minutes after. I grilled the steak after that. I was kinda worried that the steak might be hard again but when I eat it, it wasn't anymore. It really taste good this time.

So whats my opinion about the 9 minue marinator? All I can say that its worth buying. It really saves you time in cooking a gourmet meal. The only scam thing about it is the way the instruction was delivered in the ad and in the booklet. But in case you follow what I suggested above, you won't regret buying this simple machine. If it worked on the steak, it probably will work on other type of meat and vegetables as well. I'll be giving this product 2 thumbs up. Its also good on vegetable salads if you're on a diet. Its also fun to mix chicken and tuna combined with some natural fruit juice.

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