Thursday, July 9, 2009

Advice for crash dieters

Most people often think of diet as getting rid of food. Some even think that its starving yourself to death. That was what I thought at first. If you go on a crash diet, here is what you'll get:

1. Ulcer, Poor digestion, and a bad stomach.
2. You'll become anorexic. You'll even think that vegetables make you fat.
3. Bad mood most of the time. Hunger gives you a negative feeling.
4. Gain more weight after the program is over.
5. Pure depression.
6. Loss of muscle. Muscle burns calories. Once you lose them, your metabolism will get weak.
7. A weak heart.
8. Death!

My advice to crash dieters are:

1. Meal replacement. Replace your unhealthy meals with healthy ones. The real meaning of diet is eating the correct meals. Click here to find out what they are. You might be surprised to see that they are way too cheaper than junk foods. Once you're full, you'll stop craving for the bad ones.
2. Move often.
3. Drink a lot of water. Preferably cold. Water can flush the toxins away. I wonder why so many dieters think that water makes them fat. Remember that its zero calories.
4.. Be patient. Don' t be in a hurry to lose weight. The faster you lose, the faster you gain. Successful weight loss happens in about a few months(depending on your goal). It will be defined as successful if you lost weight and have a strong metabolism at the same time.

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