Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Deciding to lose weight

Weight loss is more of a serious decision. Once you decide, you'll do it. Its not some sort of activity that you're going to do in a few days or weeks. You have to decide what to eat often. Don't worry about skipping junk foods cause you can have them at least once a week if you are on a program. If you're not on the program anymore, you can go ahead and eat them everyday. You also have to decide how many times you're gonna work out and do cardio within a week. I decided to go weight lifting first before cardio to look leaner.

Weight loss is more of a lifestyle change. It all starts with a decision. When I made that option to lose weight, I decided to lose it the way I want it to. I told myself that I don't want to skip alcohol, weekend buffets, ice cream, and a bag of potato chips. I do have a lot of temptation surrounding me because my business is a convenience store surrounded by sodas, beers, canned goods, and many tempting foods like chocolates. My brother takes home boxes of pizza thrice a week. I asked myself how am I going to survive it. So I did some research online on how I can do it. Most websites suggest that I should get rid of those foods. Other websites suggest that I should eat 6 small meals a day to succeed in my program. I can't do that. In case Im in a hurry to lose weight, I'll strictly follow it. Although, Im not in a hurry. I was even tempted to buy some weight loss pills but then I decided to do it the normal way because diet pills won't improve your metabolism. So how can I resist that lifestyle? I did make plans on my own. I wanted to lose weight no matter how long it will take as long as I can go back to my old eating habits without gaining weight. Yes, it is possible but the consequence there is you have to exercise a lot and eat a balanced meal. I decided to move a lot, go on a jogging program to strenghten my metabolism(since I eat a lot). At first it was a task then it just suddenly became an addiction. I also went weight lifting to burn more sugars and fats. I was afraid to do weight lifting at first because I thought it will make me grow bigger until I realize that its harder to gain weight (muscle weight) than to lose weight. I filled my kitchen with good foods like oatmeal, whole grain cereals, low fat milk, chicken, vegetables, and gallons of water. Whenever I feel like going on a snack, I go with an apple, grapes, and oranges. If I crave for soda, I go with the diet soda or just water. Because of that, I noticed that I don't crave for pizzas anymore eventhough its in front of me. In 5 months time, I noticed a big change in me.

Now Im on my weight maintenance program eating whatever I want and still sticking to the calorie amount I need to follow within a day. If I feel that I have enough food in me, I go jogging. To inspire some of my friends and relatives, I ate a box of pizza in front of them last night at my grandpas party without even worrying that I'll gain weight. For now, Im happy with the weight maintenace. In a few months time, I'll decide to go for a six pack abs which is a little bit harder than losing weight. Decision is the best motivation on losing weight. Its not about looking good or becoming healthy. Its more of believing in yourself.

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