Monday, July 27, 2009

Sprinting for fat tummy loss

Around 8 months ago, I decided to lose some weight. What I did was bought myself an elliptical trainer. I used it for about 2 months cause I feel kinda shy exercising in front of people in my home. I can't keep it in my room cause it consumes space. Although it helped me lose some weight. A neighbor told me that there is a jogging path near our home that is why I decided not to use the elliptical trainer for awhile. I went to that place my neighbor told me and found out that it would be a good location to lose some pounds. There are a lot of people who jog there that is why doing cardio on my part is not gonna be boring. I jogged there for about 5 months, 30-45 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week. I noticed that I shrinked a lot. Somehow, I wasn't satisfied with the result. The result seems to look like a big pear turning into a small pear.

I decided to gain weight after that so I increased my calorie intake and hitted the gym. 3 months after I noticed that my body is starting to become a little bit of proportional. My arms became a little bit bigger and my tummy shrinked about an inch. Maybe its because the muscles I build burned the additional calories. Anyway, I feel a little bit impatient sometime. I can't get rid of junk foods and booze. Although I consume them moderately like once or twice a week. Whenever I eat and drink them, I do have concerns that flatenning my tummy is just an illusion. I did some research on the weight loss/gain guide blogs that I subscribed to. Most of them suggest that in order for me to lose this tummy fat, I have to go sprinting. Other tips suggest things like swimming, raquetball, rowing, and uphill running. I decided to go for sprinting. The only fear that I have is that I might lose this muscles I build in my arms. The articles I read suggest that I shouldn't worry about it. They say sprinters are muscle built people while runners look sick. I just remember last week that I did a little HIIT cardio training. When I was on the sprinting part, I felt some heat circulating my stomach which I hope is a sign of fat burning in the area. When I was doing jogging a few months ago, I noticed that the burning effect starts with the face, chest, arms, and tummy in an orderly manner. If I did what I was doing in the past few months, I'll probably look like someone who looks sick so I'll be trying the consistent sprinting instead alternate it with walking in case I get tired. Im just gonna make sure that I'll be eating right most of the time and continue my weight lifting.

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