Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Counting calories can do

Before, I don't really care how many calories I eat. All I think about is how good the food is. I also thought about adding more butter, mayonaise, and margarine to it which totally adds a lot of fat calories. My parents always take me to a good treat every night in our house especially the holidays. Once the food is served, I feel really excited to be the first in line to stick the fork on it. When there is a buffet in some events, I go for 5 rounds. A few months before, after being in that kind of lifestyle, I finally decided to lose weight. It started with counting calories. This type of thing is really boring at first. I feel stupid in front of people whenever we are dining out with my fingers calculating how many calories the food has. I got used to it a few weeks after.

Right now, I don't count calories anymore. All I do is just estimate the calories in the food I eat. If its a burger, fries, and soda meal, I estimate that to 1000 - 1800 calories (depending on the burger size). Whenever I cheat my diet, I always go for some big burger. A slice of 18 inch pizza has 550 -780 calories. If its a steak meal with vegetables and mashed potatoes, I estimate it to 800 - 1400 calories (especially if you eat the fat in the steak). If I crave for a Lay's potato chips, I count it to around 1200 calories per bag. Sodas do have 100-180 calories so I just stick to diet soda or water which has zero calories. If its a healthy meal like salad and fruits, I estimate it to 80-300 of good calories(cause most of its calories are from it's vitamins,clean carbs, and fiber). I always take note that these calories from healthy foods also burns calories. A cup of rice is around 250 calories. A cup of brown rice has more calories but its the healthy choice. When I was totally serious in losing weight, I sticked to the good calories.

What I learned about counting calories is that you're not going to be afraid to gain weight as long as you know how to balance your meal. I also noticed that most calories are found from fats on junk foods although I don't need to worry about it as long as I eat it in a balanced way. I spoil if I want to but there are also days that I only eat the healthy ones. Calorie counting is important for weight gain(if you want to gain weight the right way) and weight loss as well. You just don't need to look like a weight conscious person when doing it.

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