Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cheating my diet

Sunday is my cheat day. What I ate this week are a bunch of healthy foods. I went to Chili's Grill again this afternoon and I ordered a Mushroom swiss burger to spoil my diet. My cousin and I estimated that this burger with fries included, estimates to 2000 calories. That is way too above the average calorie intake per meal. I probably wonder if these are good or bad calories. I might say that it has bad calories because its a junk food but I do have some thoughts as well that what Im eating awhile ago are good calories. Good calories are calories that buff you up while bad calories are calories that make you fat and unhealthy. The reason for that is because instead of white bread, I chose the wheat one. My order is stuffed with mushrooms, swiss cheese (dairy), vegetable salad, and tomatoes. Majority of it are good calories. I didn't even experience a bad digestion afterwards. The only bad calories are the transfat inside the burger patty which is fine because, I decided to go for a long walk again after eating it. To conserve calories on my dinner, I didn't order some soda. I just sticked with water which has zero calories.

Fitness experts usually suggest that we should eat six meals a day. Meals compromising of less than 500 calories each which is kinda hard to do unless you're really serious in losing and getting a six pack. Its purpose is to improve your metabolism. Once your metabolism is fine, you can eat whatever you want without worrying about gaining weight. I wanted to gain some weight but Im doing it the healthy way by eating a lot of good calories. Its just that its really hard to get rid of my favorite foods that is why I have to cheat on it sometime.

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