Monday, July 20, 2009

HIIT cardio for fat loss

I wanted to gain some muscle weight and lose the remaining little fat on my tummy at the same time. Im actually thinking how Im gonna do it. I did a lot of research today online. Most of it tells me that its hard to gain weight and lose tummy fat at the same time. Some say its impossible so I think I'll just go in maintaining muscle and losing fat. I just wanted to lower my body fat percentage to 10%. Right now its 17% and that means I still need to reduce it by 7% so I can start doing some situps and form that 6 pack. Im thinking of doing cardio after weight loss because cardio alone will deteriorate the muscles I have which I've been working out for 3 and a half months now with whey protein as my muscle supplement. I didn' t do any workout before. All I did was cardio and it did gave me weight loss in a bad shape. I stopped doing cardio for 3 months and went to weight lifting to gain some muscles. Im satisfied with my muscles now. I just wanted to eliminate the remaining fat in my tummy.

Im planning to do the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio to prevent muscle loss and focus more on losing fat. To explain it carefully, the pattern of it is like this: Walk for a few seconds, Jog for a few seconds, and run for a 25 seconds or more, then walk again. Redo the pattern over and over. Just don't overdo it so that you can maintain your muscles. I did it before and I noticed that the burning effect is focused on your stomach. I'll be doing it after workout. Probably 3-4 times a week. I'll probably start in a few days cause the weather is not really good at the moment. For my diet, all Im gonna do is replace some bad carbs with good ones and add more protein on it.

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