Monday, July 13, 2009

Brown rice for weight loss

I've been substituting my white rice with brown rice for almost 2 weeks now. I noticed a lot of differences in it. Its preparation is not as hard as the white rice preparation as long as you are cooking it the old fashioned way. I don't use rice cooker. In case I use rice cooker, I'll wash the brown rice first three times, soak it for 30 minutes with water rice ratio of 2:1, then start cooking it. The old fashioned way is just wash it three times, have a water cup/rice ration of 4:1, then cook it. My digestion is much better and my tummy has reduced an inch. What I love about this brown rice is that its very healthy. It does have carbs but these are complex ones (what the pros suggest as good carbohydrates). Although its kinda hard to eat at first cause its a little bit rougher than white rice. I also made a research on it and I found out that its really good if you're trying to lose some weight. It simple targets the tummy although many experts suggest that your tummy loses the weight the last. I heard its also good for diabetic people. Most doctors suggest diabetics should prevent themselves from eating white rice. I will continue eating this stuff eventhough its a little bit expensive than white rice. I just felt a pound heavier when after I had a meal with brown rice. After a few hours, I felt 3 pounds lighter. I believe that the fiber and vitamins in it, which is not available in white rice, cleaned my tummy.

For more info about brown rice, you can go to this site.


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