Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Energy drinks before workout (Cobra Energy Drink)

Afternoon is the time where I go to the gym. The only problem is I get sleepy during that time. When I feel like that, I get weak in lifting some weights. Good thing I noticed that energy drinks can help you. Im referring to the ones that have high sugar in it. There are energy drinks there that don't have sugar. This energy drink that Im referring too is called the "Cobra Energy Drink". The drink has 195 calories which came from 3 g of fat, 49mg of sodium, 39 g of Carbohydrates which is also sugar, 3 g of protein, and it does have some Taurine and vitamins in it which gives you some mental alertness. I was scared of drinking it before because of it's high sugar. Before, when I depend too much on sweets, I usually get a sugar rush and some heart palputations because I don't workout during that time. Sugars does make you fat as well.

It really does work before workout. When I wasn't drinking it, I easily get tired at the gym. Maybe its because Im sleepy as well. This afternoon, I drank a bottle of this energy drink and I totally got energized. It's sugar content motivated me to lift more and to lift heavier as well.The fact in weight loss is sugar and carbs burn first and lifting weights are the best way to burn those. Cardio can burn it after 15 minutes. I can feel the sugar burning inside my body. After working out, I went for HIIT cardio for 20 minutes since Im focused on trimming my tummy a little bit. Hours later, I felt my muscles are growing a little bit thats why I decided to just sit down and blog about this energy drink.

Most people usually get tired after work. Its probably good to inform them that they should have a shot of this energy drink first before they go to the gym. If they are not gym fanatics, I guess its better to go for black coffee. Anyway, in case you drink this energy drink, try to make sure that you're going to be physically busy so you won't have this feeling of sugar rush. It really taste good and I guess Im gonna be addicted to it.

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