Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Calorie replacement after cardio

I did some sprints this afternoon. Whenever I sprint, I feel the burn targeted in my stomach. A lot of people around me are jogging as well. I learned that jogging can only reduce those hard earned arm size. Im more focused on my little tummy fat which is a few inches away from becoming a flat one. I used to jog before and a few months after that, I lost some weight the wrong way. I also remember my diet during those days were 500-1000 calories below my daily limit because I was really serious in losing some weight. Thanks to Tom Venuto's advice on his book "Burn the fat, Feed the Muscle" where he suggested that you can still maintain those arm size and lose that belly fat by eating more clean stuff and doing some cardio. This book is the best and most honest when it comes to this topic that is why its worth buying.

I sprinted for about 30 minutes and walk whenever I need to refill my energy. A few hours after that, my brother invited me to have dinner so we went to this restaurant called Tender Bob's and they serve a lot of tempting junk foods. Good thing they have salad. I replaced those calories I burned when I was sprinting by eating a large amount of Chicken Caesar Salad. I did eat some steak too but I did get rid of those fat around it. I just went for water instead of soda.

Im thinking of gaining weight but I wanted to gain it the right way. I want the weight gain to go in my upper body instead of my lower one. My goal is to get big arms, shoulders, chest, and melt the fat in my tummy till it gets a six pack. In the past year, I used to be someone who is very addicted to alcohol, junk foods, and sweets. I felt my heart started to palpitate when I had enough of those. Now I just take them moderately and only on my cheat day. I know I can eat them someday again when I go to weight maintenance mode. I will still try them on my cheat day.

I noticed after tonight's dinner, I didn't feel my tummy becoming heavy eventhough I ate a chicken salad good for 4 people. I felt the heaviness in my shoulders and chest. Maybe its because of what I ate. Whenever I eat a pasta and a burger, I feel that my tummy is the one thats becoming heavy. I'll probably take control of that then. There is this rule that one should eat six small meals a day which I believe is right if you are not doing any cardio activity. In case you're doing a cardio activity, you can still eat as much as you want as long as what you eat is clean.

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