Saturday, July 4, 2009

This hottie can't resist junkfood

I had this office mate before. She really has a great body figure. Just imagine a hot woman who has a perfect vital statistics. We often to have lunch together. She is really hot but somehow she is engaged at that time(what a lucky bastard!). Moving to the topic, its really hard for me to believe at first that this friend of mine eats a lot of food. Whenever we go on lunch, she often chooses a fast food restaurant . She orders the meal loaded with too much calories like Big Mac, Whopper, Chili's Bacon studded burger, and Wendy's triple deck burger. Other things listed on her menu are a super large fries, large soda, and ofcourse, some ice cream. I guess Im gonna have a heart attack in case I do that. Although she admitted that she is not alcoholic and a non smoker. She even told me that she was a former obese girl a few years ago. I got curious with her situation. I've never seen a hot chic eat like that. Most women with good figures eat like their worried about getting fat on every bite. She is totally different. I asked her questions in some funny and friendly way like "How can you maintain that 36- 24- 36 figure by eating that much most of the time?" She replied "I have a strong metabolism." . She even told me that she didn't take any diet pills and shortcuts whatsoever. She did it the natural way. I asked for some tips from her on how she did it. She told things like..

- Drink lots of water
- Eat 6 small meals a day. (huh?? How come she's eating a Super Big Meal?)
- Get a sport to play on. (she swims a lot)
- Lift some weights.
- You can eat this much during breakfast or lunch. Not dinner.

I was skeptical about the second part she told me which is 6 small meals a day. She clarified that she just did it on the journey. When her weight loss journey was done, she wasn't even doing it anymore. She still continues her weight lifting and swimming sport twice a week compared to the past few months when she was doing it everyday for her weight loss.

Anyway, this is totally an inspiring weight loss/maintenance story to share. No shortcuts, no gimmicks, just the natural way. I did follow those 5 tips above that she gave me. 6 months after my journey, I decided to eat like her without worrying about weight gain. I followed the steps but sometimes I cheat whenever dinner is good. She just gave birth a few months ago but she still looks awesome right now. That story of hers is actually considered a slimmer's dream which can be achieved by anyone.

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