Friday, July 24, 2009

Full calories versus empty calories

I had a 5 mile walk to the mall yesterday because I ate a Quarter pounder meal with large twister fries and large soda for lunch. I have to do it instead of just sit down and watch tv the whole day. During my walk, I've been thinking of the best way to lose the tummy fat. A lot of articles and websites had suggested so many things that I didn't even know which one to follow. Some suggest that you should lose the overall body fat percentage first then start working out on your muscle growth. In this case, I might look weak and my metabolism might slow down because of muscle loss. There are also some that suggest that its better to do the opposite which is gain weight and muscles first then start burning your overall body fat. It may sound a little better to me because cardio isn't really hard at all. The only hard thing about this suggestion is that you totally need to eat full and clean calories besides the empty ones.

So does it mean that I have to give up the tempting foods? I guess I should because Its all about full calories versus empty calories. Full calories are the ones that are made up of good nutrition while empty calories are the ones that has mostly fats and sugar in it. Its like oatmeal for breakfast instead of bacon and jam. For lunch, I can serve myself some brown rice and grilled chicken instead of white rice and fried food. For snack, I'll go for fruit instead of chips. For dinner, I can just serve myself some salad.

Full calories are distributed all over your body that is why its easy to burn, while empty ones goes straight to your tummy and its the last place for stored fat to burn. Im aiming for additional size in my arms and chest and a little bit of tummy reduction so I guess all I have to do right now is to fill my refrigerator with healthy foods especially the ones with full calories, eat more of it, and hit the gym thrice a week with a a 20 minute HIIT cardio after each workout. Its not really expensive though. I really do love burgers but in order for me to trim my tummy fat, I really do have to limit it to once a week. Burgers are filled with empty calories. Just have to sacrifice them for the sake of tummy reduction. I guess it won't take that long.

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